Artificial Hip Joint Implants System

  • Femoral head
Femoral head

Femoral head

  • Material:Ceramic
  • Size:28/32/36
  • Color:Pink
  • Product description: Artificial Hip Joint Replacement System femoral head Made in Germany

— Low wear. The fourth generation of BIOLOX delta ball head ismade of nano-composite ceramics with high hardness, scratch resistance, and goodinfiltration, increase joint infiltration, compatible with XPE liner, caneffectively reduce osteolysis;

— Cracking resistance. The fourth generation of BIOLOX delta nano-ceramicsfeatures high toughness and bending strength, which can effectively suppresscracks and effectively resist fragmentation.

Excellent Biocompatibility, The fourth generation of BIOLOXdelta has ceramic bonding, effectively avoiding ion formation and in vivochemical and biological reactions, no clinical adverse reaction found relativeto ceramics head particles.

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