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With the development of the times and the advancement of science and technology, the evolution of artificial hip implants has been 100 years. Artificial hip implants play a huge role in orthopaedic treatments at a time when aging societies in many developed and developing countries are underway.

When conservative treatment fails to effectively solve the disease, the use of artificial joint implant replacement as an important treatment method can give patients effective treatment. The indications are joint disease caused by infection, joint degenerative disease caused by long-term wear, joint trauma caused by external force, as well as bone tumors, joint metabolic diseases, congenital deformities, etc., which can cause pain, functional failure and other problems. [1]

Therefore, the success of artificial joint replacement is closely related to artificial hip implants, because the artificial joint replacement enters the human body, and replacing it is not as simple as changing clothes. The choice of artificial hip implants is very important. Which artificial joint implant is better? Let's take a look together.

Common artificial joint implant materials

1. Metal alloys: titanium base, cobalt base, iron base

2. Polymer material: ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene

3. Ceramic material: alumina, zirconia

Artificial hip implant

The artificial hip implant imitates the structure of the human hip joint, inserts the prosthesis handle into the medullary cavity, and uses the head and the joint socket or the prosthesis metal cup to form rotation to realize the flexion, extension and movement of the femur. The prosthesis stem is mostly made of titanium alloy, cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy, and ultra-low carbon stainless steel, the acetabulum is made of non-toxic ultra-high molecular polyethylene, and the metal ball head is made of titanium alloy (with titanium alloy, cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy femoral head stem). Fitting) and ultra-low carbon stainless steel material. [2]

Artificial knee implant

The artificial total knee joint includes femoral prosthesis, tibial prosthesis and patellar prosthesis, which are composed of metal femoral condyle, tibial tray, tibial pad and patellar prosthesis made of UHMWPE.

The artificial knee joint consists of two parts: metal and plastic. The metal part includes the tibia, femur, and patella joints made of cobalt-chromium alloy and titanium alloy. The plastic part is made of high-concentration polyethylene and uses ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene with better performance, which is attached to the metal parts of the tibia and patella joints to reduce the friction with the metal joint surface of the femur.

3D printed knee joint

The biggest advantage of 3D printing-assisted total knee arthroplasty is that it is tailor-made for the patient. The ratio of the patient's normal knee joint is 1:1, which completely fits the patient.

Common 3D printing bone repair materials mainly include:

Polycaprolactone (PCL)

Polylactic acid-glycolic acid copolymer (PLGA)

It has good biocompatibility, excellent processability, and is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.


Methacrylated Gelatin (GelMA)

Hydrogels such as methacrylated hyaluronic acid (HAMA),

It has excellent biocompatibility and good formability



Inorganic non-metals such as calcium phosphate

It has high mechanical strength and good biological safety.

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[1] Tana, Shen Yijun, Zhang Shuai, et al. Review of the development of facet joint implants. China Medical Device Information. 2019, 25(21)

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