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How to choose a spinal fixation device? Spinal fixation screw professional manufacturing base, orthopedic brand manufacturing

Spinal fixation is divided into external fixation and internal fixation, which are used for the reduction, fixation and correction of the spine. Different fracture parts of the spine are fixed in different ways. For example, we can use cervical external fixation for the cervical spine, and lumbar external fixation for the lumbar spine. Internal fixation can be used for spinal deformities, etc. Spinal fixation acts to stabilize the spine and limit compression of damaged vertebrae. How to choose a spinal fixation device? Jiangsu Gather Biotech Co.,Ltd gives you the answer.

Many patients ask hospital doctors questions about spinal fixation devices. For example, the price of spinal fixation devices? Which country is better for the choice of spinal fixation device? and so on.

How to choose a spinal fixation device, we can start from the following aspects.

We all know that the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and other countries are among the best in the world in terms of reputation and influence in orthopedic manufacturing. The orthopaedic manufacturing in these countries started early, and the scientific research and development efforts were strong. For example, Johnson & Johnson in the United States and Siemens in Germany are all well-known orthopaedic manufacturing companies, and their products are naturally very good. But in terms of price, it may be more expensive for many people.

You have to buy it according to your own financial strength. Many patients not only spend a lot of money on seeing a doctor, but also do not know how to choose a spinal fixation device. They go beyond their ability to buy more expensive devices. In fact, it is not necessary. If this is the case for you, you can actually choose a more cost-effective spinal fixation device.

If you want to choose the most cost-effective spinal fixation device, the most suitable one is China. First of all, China's orthopedic manufacturing has made great progress in recent years. The spinal fixation device is not only of good quality and low price, but also can better accomplish the task of surgical fixation. For example, Jiangsu Gather Biotech Co., Ltd has chosen to cooperate with many hospitals in China, and both doctors and patients have given great affirmation to their products. Spinal System, they sell Spinal Mono Screw 5.5/6.0 System, Broken Type Multi Axial Spinal Screw 5.5/6.0 Double Line System, Multi Axial Spinel Screw 5.5/6.0 Double Line System, Broken Type Spinal Mono Screw 5.5/6.0 System, Multi Axial Spinal Screw 5.5/6.0 System, Broken Type Multi Axial Spinal Screw 5.5/6.0 System, Spinal PEEK Fusion Device Cage System. These products are made of titanium and have a certificate guarantee. High quality and affordable price. It is the best choice for spinal fixation screws in many large hospitals. In China, the company's spinal screws are very popular, bringing hope to millions of families. It is currently one of the top companies in China in terms of sales. !

Jiangsu Gather Biotech Co.,Ltd, as China's orthopaedic manufacturing base, has dozens of mid-to-high-end manufacturers, and has won many national honorary awards! Now it has gradually moved to the world, shipped to all parts of the world, and cooperated with major logistics companies. If necessary, please click https://www.jsgather.cn/ to learn more!


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