Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Over 20 years , we are studying and working for the supplier resources , to Help our customers save time and be able to purchase the most cost-effective products.

At the same time, based on the cooperation between the manufacturer and the agent, we can conduct a two-sided investigation and promote the signing of an agency contract to ensure the agent's sole rights.

For non-agent customers, based on our massive collective purchasing capabilities, we are still able to offer competitive prices and guarantee product quality and delivery time in real time.

Contact Us

Contact: Luffy Liu

Phone: +86 15062512110

Tel: +86 512 58796575

Email: luffyliu@jsgather.cn

Whatsapp: +86 15062512110

Add: B2508,Junma International,Shazhou west road, Yangshe Town,Zhangjiagang city,Jiangsu pro,China,215600

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