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No middlemen to make the difference! Orthopedic screws high quality and low price! Trauma Cannulated Screw vs Femoral interlocking intramedullary nail

   Trauma Cannulated Screw

After a fracture, we all know that different fixators need to be selected according to the fracture site. Traumatic cannulated screws are often used for fractures in some special parts such as femoral neck fractures, and are also important internal fixators. With their special fixation and compression effects, the trauma is small and no steel plate is required. This kind of screw is mostly used for young and middle-aged people, why?

Because many elderly patients with femoral neck fractures have osteoporosis, if a cannulated screw is used for fixation, it is likely to cause loosening and fracture of the internal fixator. Young people have good bone and can be fixed with cannulated nails.

It is better for young people to use hollow nails, because the cost is small and the trauma is small. The disadvantage is that if femoral head necrosis occurs later, it still needs to be operated again.

Cannulated intramedullary nails vs. solid nails

Cannulated intramedullary nail is a distal and proximal plus interlocking screw. Good mechanical stability and wide range of use. In contrast, solid nails are non-reamed intramedullary nails, which have no grooves, good torsional strength, small diameter, high requirements for materials, and low ability to adapt to bone shape.

Femoral interlocking intramedullary nail

The intramedullary nail rod is provided with a proximal locking screw hole at the proximal end to locate the screw hole and the link sleeve positioning groove. This kind of intramedullary nail is almost the first choice for long bones, it conforms to the human physiological structure, and has a good effect on solving osteoporosis that cannot be solved by external fixation or steel plate. It has good fixation, good rotation resistance and compression resistance.

The material of the Femoral interlocking intramedullary nail of Jiangsu Gather Biotech Co.,Ltd is titanium, the diameter is 9/10/11/12mm L/R, the length is 340-420mm, Eng Cap: 0/5/10/15mm. This kind of screw has won the heart of every customer with its quality, and won the order of our customers with low price.

Quality is our foundation, and reputation is our benefit. In the fierce competition, we know that high quality is our long-term foundation, and low price is our way of small profits but quick turnover.

Wholesale of various orthopedic screws, orthopedic equipment, etc., factory direct sales, no middlemen to earn the difference. Definitely your best choice now! Meet the needs of various orthopedics, reliable product quality, high process standards!

As a rising star in China, Jiangsu Gather Biotech Co.,Ltd has seen increasing orders. Our products are exported to Australia, the United States, Canada, India, the United Kingdom and other places. Using the latest equipment for production, large capital investment and strong professional personnel, the company has become a dark horse in orthopedic devices by virtue of these advantages. We attach great importance to the development and improvement of related products of orthopedic devices.

In terms of prosthesis development, the company has close and in-depth cooperation with domestic top hip and knee joint prosthesis manufacturers to jointly develop and manufacture. The level of scientific research investment belongs to one of the top orthopaedic development companies in China. Our products cover all the products required for orthopedic surgery such as CLASS I, CLASSII, CLASSIII orthopedic implants and instruments, the main products are: trauma plate system, locking plate system, intramedullary nail system, spinal system, external fixation Instruments, Sports Injuries, Medical Power Tool Systems and Related Instrument Groups.

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