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Trauma implants are widely used in clinical orthopaedics to place artificial prostheses and various internal fixation materials into the human body. If a bad trauma implant is selected, it will be an iatrogenic trauma to the patient, causing various complications and bringing a lot of negative effects to the patient. [1]

What are trauma implants?

Bone plates, bone screws, intramedullary nails, external fixation brackets, etc.

Bone plate: Bone plate is a common material used to fix limb fractures. In clinical practice, metal bone plates and titanium alloys are commonly used. For metal bone plates, titanium alloy bone plates are currently used as internal fixation materials in clinical practice [2], but this is not the best material for the treatment of fractures and needs to be studied in the future.

Bone screws: titanium, titanium metal, individually made of titanium alloy material. A small part is made of steel material. Compared with steel, titanium is lighter in weight, has good tissue compatibility, strong damage resistance and good torsion resistance.

Intramedullary nail: the first choice for femoral shaft fractures, made of titanium. The needle insertion point is in the medial piriform fossa of the greater trochanter to prevent rotational deformity of the fracture, reduce the risk of fracture of the implant, and promote fracture healing.

External fixation bracket: carbon fiber, aluminum alloy (6061), stainless steel (05Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb), mostly biomedical materials, used to replace, repair tissues and organs or strengthen the functions of tissues and organs. [3]

What aspects should be paid attention to in the selection of trauma implants?

1. Tensile strength and load

2. Extensibility

3. Non-magnetic

4. Corrosion resistance

Where to buy trauma implants?

Whether you are an orthopaedic surgeon or a hospital purchaser or an individual, you need to select a high-quality suitable patient's weight, type, size, etc. through professional evaluation. The quality of trauma implants is also very important and varies from brand to brand.

As a big manufacturing country, China's manufacturing industry is famous all over the world for its high quality, reasonable price and high cost performance. Jiangsu Gather Biotech Co.,Ltd is a leader in orthopaedic manufacturing in China. The trauma implants provided are high-quality products that combine technology and quality. By using our products, the best results of surgery can be obtained!

Jiangsu Gather Biotech Co.,Ltd has rigorous and formal selection of materials, good corrosion resistance, good strength, and guarantees safety and effectiveness. At the same time, focus on biocompatibility and strive to be less disruptive to patients. Cooperated with Finland to improve the biological activity of various types of trauma implants, invested manpower, material and financial resources in improving the degradation performance and ensuring biosafety, and made great contributions to the improvement of the world's orthopaedic trauma implants.

The existing trauma screw, intramedullary nail, external fixation bracket (mini fragment external fixator system) and other orthopedic trauma implant products are cost-effective and professionally manufactured. Strictly control product quality.

Jiangsu Gather Biotech Co.,Ltd, a professional manufacturer of orthopedic medical equipment, brings the most advanced and cutting-edge orthopedic medical products to people all over the world. At the same time, it keeps improving. Now it is a Chinese orthopedic manufacturing base with dozens of mid-to-high-end manufacturers. To purchase trauma implants, go to https://www.jsgather.cn/.


[1] Cui Yanxin, Journal of Practical Clinical Medicine [J], 2015, 19(10)

[2] Qiao Bo, Jiang Dianming. Research status of bone plate materials. Journal of Chongqing Medical University. 2017,42(02)

[3] Zhang Lei et al Biological Evaluation of Bone External Fixation Scaffolding Materials. Medical and Health Equipment. 2018, 39(01), 23-26


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